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Accounting Software

Rae and Associates has top accounting software for your business. This list of products introduces any user into the world of Sage Pastel accounting.

Sage Pastel Evolution Accounting & ERP

For those who wish to create a comprehensive operating environment, Sage Pastel Evolution will meld all aspects of your business into one, creating a holistic, unified view of your company. The plethora of features includes much needed functionality, as well as many additional modules that help to expand the core features of this accounting software. Sage Pastel Evolution Accounting grows with your business, providing a robust management tool that is ideal for businesses of any scale. Take accounting to another level, by not only crunching the numbers, but by performing business activities as well. As a result, you will be able to gain the unique ability to not only control your current financial situation, but control your client, customer, supplier and employee business relationships as well.

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Pastel Products

Sage Pastel Partner

Combine power, innovation, effective processing and intuitive software to create a package that is ideal for any small to medium sized business. This is a range of applications that are feature-rich, and located in a user environment that easily accommodates multiple users. Other features include multi-currency capabilities. As your company grows, so will Sage Pastel Partner – there are many modules that can be added to the main accounting package, allowing anyone to tailor-make their ideal accounting package.

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Sage Pastel Payroll

Sage Pastel Payroll has been designed to accommodate a wide range of industries. The Sage Pastel Payroll range (this includes Sage Pastel netPay, Sage Pastel MicrOpay, Sage Pastel Partner Payroll and Sage Pastel Evolution Payroll) will deliver highly flexible and feature-rich HR and payroll software options for growing businesses - from start-ups to massive corporations.

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Pastel Payroll

Sage Pastel Evolution Payroll & HR

Sage Pastel Evolution Payroll and HR software is ideal for the growing business or for the business that is still finding its feet – Sage Pastel Evolution is for anyone. It combines intuitive payroll and HR software with a flexible working environment. Enjoy a whole new dimension of payroll processing and experience the enhanced functionality of MS-SQL database integration. This package is legally compliant, with full report writing and business intelligence capabilities. For the serious Payroll Admin or HR Manager, the Sage Pastel Evolution Payroll and HR application will become the ideal application for them (integrates with Evolution ERP suite).

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Payroll & HR

Quickbooks Accounting

For the fastest and most in-depth accounting solution for your small business, choose Quickbooks Pro or Premier. This accounting software has been specifically designed to cater for your starter company’s unique fiscal requirements.

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